Mary Margaret Timberlake

Born: 05-12-1880 in Rich Hill, Frederick County,VA
Died: 03-21-1957

Father: Seth Mason Timberlake Sr.     11-16-1832 to 12-18-1907
Mother: Evelyn Harfield Timberlake     06-26-1843 to 10-18-1921

Spouse1: John McBride McChesney Sr     06-08-1877 to 11-18-1965

Child1: John McBride McChesney Jr.     09-09-1908
Child2: Mary Evelyn McChesney     06-24-1910
Child3: William Timberlake McChesney Sr.     07-11-1914
Child4: David Highland McChesney     07-02-1918
Child5: LaMonte Bell McChesney     10-25-1921
Child6: Sue Austin McChesney     07-22-1923

Occupation: Piano teacher and organist; Nickname "Mamie". She was the second generation to own the family homestead in Fishersville, which Martha Ann now owns as the fourth generation. Mamie was the Organist at Tinkling Springs Chruch for many years.

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