John Allen Duncan

Born: 05-12-1917 in Lexington, KY
Died: 09-13-1999 in Lexington, KY

Father: Henry Timberlake Duncan III 01-01-1868 to 01-01-1960    

Spouse1: Judith Brown 03-27-1925 to 04-15-2010        Married:  Divorced 10/1958
Spouse2: Bernice Berry Overley-Duncan 09-02-1927    

Child1: Henry Timberlake Duncan IV 02-14-1955    
Child2: David Mathiot Duncan 06-22-1956    

Occupation: CPA; Was with Duncan, Smith & Stilz, P.S.C. According to his son, David, John was a fellow of the American Genealogical Society and worked arduously in his research of family history extending back to 970 A.D. in Scotland (Clan Hay, Royal Exchequer). His efforts took him from the annals of Kentucky history to the Mormon library in Salt Lake City and the Royal Genealogical Society records library in London.

Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: David Mathiot Duncan 06-22-1956

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