Edward Wrenne Timberlake

Born: 01-03-1895 in Nashville, TN
Died: 02-11-1980 in Naples, FL

Father: Edward Julius Timberlake 01-01-1869 to 11-28-1950    
Mother: Augusta Wrenne    

Spouse1: Mary Ala Pierce    
Spouse2: Alice Unknown    

Child1: Alice Lee Timberlake    
Child2: Pierce Wrenne Timberlake 01-01-1918 to 01-01-1990    
Child3: Tedsan Stuart Timberlake 01-01-1921 to 01-01-2013    
Child4: Edward Wrenne Timberlake Jr 01-01-1925 to 01-01-2014    

Graduated from West Point. Brig. General in the Army. Immediately entered World War I after graduation, and was also active in World War II. He was awarded the Silver Star. It is claimed that he was the first allied general ashore at D-Day, though this is not known for certain.

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