David Washington Timberlake Sr.

Born: 07-10-1872
Died: 07-22-1956

Father: Seth Mason Timberlake Sr.     11-16-1832 to 12-18-1907
Mother: Evelyn Harfield Timberlake     06-26-1843 to 10-18-1921

Spouse1: Haddie Bell Patterson     11-28-1871 to 08-14-1939    Married: 11-22-1899  Tinkling Springs Church
Spouse2: Grace Darling Slack Robb     11-11-1880 to 05-17-1945    Married: 09-09-1941  Berkley Springs, WV
Spouse3: Olive Elizabeth Hammell     05-16-1891 to 04-04-1984    Married: 06-28-1946  Absecon, NJ

Child1: David Washington Timberlake Jr.     09-09-1900 to 10-04-1981
Child2: Hettie Elizabeth Timberlake     10-28-1902 to 10-01-1975
Child3: Evelyn Virginia Timberlake     04-19-1908 to 07-03-2000
Child4: Joseph Craig Patterson Timberlake     02-20-1913

Occupation: VP, U.S. Playing Card Company; David's and Haddie's fathers both had mercantile stores on opposite corners of Road 608 in Fishersville. They used to wrap notes around rocks and throw them across the street because their fathers were business enemies. David was employed early in his career by Charles Broadway Rouss. He was district manager of the United States Playing Card Company, and worked in New York City. Buried at Tinkling Spring Church, Fishersville, VA.

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