Eutoka Bondurant Kerr

Born: 06-15-1875
Died: 04-06-1965

Spouse1: Sue Harfield Timberlake 09-12-1874 to 09-20-1956    

Child1: Mary Eutoka Kerr 08-19-1909 to 10-01-1995    

The Eutoka indian tribe had befriended the family, but said that they would put a curse on the family if they did not pass the Eutoka name on to each generation. Buried at Tinkling Spring Church, Fishersville, VA. Hannah Little was a black girl who lived with Sue and Bonnie until she was about 12 or 13 years old. She grew up to become an accomplished singer, singing at Carnegie Hall in New York. Granddaughter Susan Lynch mentioned this in 2012: "Saw the movie 'Lawless' based on a book written by Matt Bondurant. Takes place in Franklin County, VA in 1931. The story is about 3 Bondurant brothers who were bootleggers."

Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: Susan Lamar Savage 10-15-1945

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