Seth Mason Timberlake Sr.

Born: 11-16-1832 in Frederick County, VA
Died: 12-18-1907 in Fishersville, VA

Father: David Timberlake II     05-14-1803 to 02-09-1869
Mother: Elizabeth Mason     02-03-1812

Spouse1: Elizabeth Ann Rouss     03-12-1834 to 12-27-1858    Married: 05-03-1853  
Spouse2: Evelyn Harfield Timberlake     06-26-1843 to 10-18-1921    Married: 02-03-1869  Marlborough, VA

Child1: Flora Elizabeth Timberlake     06-06-1854 to 11-28-1899
Child2: Charles Edward Timberlake     04-07-1856 to 07-10-1925
Child3: Lizzie Dale Timberlake     12-12-1858 to 02-14-1937
Child4: Evelyn Sethena Timberlake     11-05-1870 to 12-15-1887
Child5: David Washington Timberlake Sr.     07-10-1872 to 07-22-1956
Child6: Sue Harfield Timberlake     09-12-1874 to 09-20-1956
Child7: Seth Mason Timberlake Jr.     04-20-1876 to 02-14-1943
Child8: Mary Margaret Timberlake     05-12-1880 to 03-21-1957
Child9: Thomas LaMonte Timberlake     11-27-1884 to 10-16-1943

Occupation: Soldier, clerk, farmer, steward; Seth enlisted as a private in Company G, 2nd Virginia Infantry. He was severely wounded in both legs at Manassas. At the battle of Upperville, he carried General Charles T. O'Ferroll off the battlefield. O'Ferroll became governor of Virginia after the War. Seth served as a Sergeant in Co. B 12th Virginia Calvary, known as Baylor's Light Horse Calvary. He refused to surrender with General Lee at Appomattox. He was a clerk for Charles Rouss and a steward at Western State Hospital in 1885 in Staunton, VA. He is buried at Tinkling Springs Church in Fishersville, VA. Bought family homestead in Fishersville in 1885 - the first of four generations to own it. Joined Ninevah Presbyterian Church near Front Royal, VA on 4/8/1883, and was dismissed from membership to Tinkling Spring in November, 1885.

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