Robert Barclay Timberlake

Born: 03-11-1947 in Phillipsburg, NJ

Father: David Washington Timberlake Jr. 09-09-1900 to 10-04-1981    
Mother: Dorothea Smith 05-18-1915 to 07-03-1987    

Spouse1: Elizabeth Mary van de Steeg 10-02-1945        Married: 07-13-1974  St. Petersburg, FL

Child1: Stephen Gerrit Timberlake 12-19-1980    
Child2: Lauren Elizabeth Timberlake 09-23-1985    

Occupation: Computer Software Consultant; Bob is named for Robert Hamilton Barclay, an electrical engineer who married his Aunt Bobbie. Bob attended UVa for 2 years and graduated an electrical engineer from the University of Florida. Studied graduate economics at the University of South Florida. Sold his public safety software company to Bell Atlantic in 1992. Worked full time at PODS from 2002.

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