Francis Timberlake I

Born: 01-01-1687
Died: 01-01-1727

Father: Unknown Timberlake    

Spouse1: Sarah Austin        Married: 01-01-1707

Child1: Benjamin Timberlake 01-01-1708    
Child2: Francis Timberlake II 01-01-1710 to 01-01-1762    
Child3: John Timberlake 01-01-1714    
Child4: Henry Timberlake I 01-01-1717    
Child5: Elizabeth Timberlake 10-02-1720    
Child6: Sarah Timberlake 08-21-1723    
Child7: Richard Timberlake 08-27-1726    

Another source shows DOB as ca 1676. Shows his brothers to be Joseph and Richard. Will recorded in Will Book B I, page 309, in Middlesex County, VA. One source shows his dod as 01-20-1726 based on Christchurch Middlesex records, but as will was probated 04-04-1727 and dated 01-17-1726, it may be an issue of calendars.

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