Francis Timberlake

Born: 01-01-1758 in Northumberland County, VA
Died: 06-10-1830

Father: Richard Timberlake     01-01-1736 to 01-01-1811

Spouse1: Nancy Poindexter     01-01-1762 to 07-10-1841    Married: 05-31-1779  Franklin Co., North Carolina

Child1: James Timberlake     01-01-1780 to 01-01-1847
Child2: Epaphroditus Timberlake     01-01-1783 to 01-01-1854
Child3: Richard Timberlake     09-03-1788 to 07-06-1860
Child4: Nancy Timberlake     01-01-1790
Child5: Judith Timberlake     01-01-1792
Child6: Francis or Frank Timberlake     01-01-1795 to 09-06-1825
Child7: Julius Timberlake     01-01-1797 to 01-01-1828

Killed by lightning. He served in the Revolutionary War as a private in the Light Horse NC. Served 18 months under Capt. William Hill. Discharged February 1778. July 12, 1781 another discharge from Lt. Swan Troughton after 3-12 month tour. National Archives record #W19454. Mother was Mary, according to Gayle King Blankenship.

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