James Harfield Timberlake Jr

Born: 02-17-1923
Died: 02-08-1998 in Alexandria, VA

Father: James Harfield Timberlake 01-01-1884 to 01-01-1960    
Mother: Emmi Elsbeth Pacholke    

Spouse1: Ann Kathryn Cornick 09-27-1945    

Child1: James Harfield Timberlake III 04-29-1980    
Child2: Elizabeth Cornick Timberlake 04-29-1980    

Occupation: Foreign Affairs Specialist; Worked with the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Was a specialist on the Middle East, Central Europe, United Kingdom and Canada. Retired from the Naval Reserve with the rank of Commander. Was a civilian intelligence specialist with the US Naval Forces in Europe during the 1960's. Native of Staunton. Graduate of Hampden-Sydney College. Received Masters and Doctorate from Harvard. On active duty in WW II, and served aboard a tank landing ship in the Pacific. After the War, was on the faculty of the History Dept. at Ohio State. Recalled to duty during the Korean War, and went on to teach at Univ. of Maryland.

Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: James Harfield Timberlake III 04-29-1980

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