David Burt Smalley Sr.

Born: 03-23-1944 in Atlanta, GA

Father: Ivan H. Smalley Sr. 11-15-1905 to 09-16-2001    
Mother: Evelyn Virginia Timberlake 04-19-1908 to 07-03-2000    

Spouse1: Reina Feliciano 06-20-1943 to 01-01-1992        Married: 06-17-1966  Chicago, IL
Spouse2: Mary Therese O'Keefe 10-15-1954        Married: 11-20-1982  Chicago, IL
Spouse3: Jaclyn Blitzstein        Married: 01-01-1997  Chicago

Child1: David Burt Smalley Jr. 08-09-1968    
Child2: Jason Kyle Smalley 09-17-1971    
Child3: John Patterson Smalley 10-23-1986    
Child4: Christina Jeanette Smalley 05-24-1989    
Child5: Nicholas Charles Smalley 01-19-1991    
Child6: Noel Adam Smalley-Blitzstein 07-19-1998    

David owned Picture Cars, a company supplying vintage autos to motion picture productions. He now finds locations for motion picture filmings.

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