Harry Timberlake

Born: 03-10-1847
Died: 03-04-1913

Father: George Washington Timberlake     05-23-1809 to 02-14-1885
Mother: Susan Hinds Timberlake     05-12-1812 to 11-25-1880

Spouse1: Amanda Shackleford Byrne     08-01-1859 to 03-02-1902    Married: 12-12-1876  Loudoun County, VA

Child1: Eva Harfield Timberlake     10-14-1877 to 12-19-1950
Child2: Lillie Lee Timberlake     04-19-1887 to 06-04-1911
Child3: Neb Timberlake     12-07-1890 to 01-01-1892
Child4: Henry Turner Timberlake     05-16-1892
Child5: Kimble Byrne Timberlake     08-20-1895

Harry was one of the best known livestock dealers in Frederick County. His home was near Clearbrook. He lived in Winchester for many years. He served in the Confederate Army from age 14, in Company B 12th Virginia Calvary. They was married by Rev. Addison in Loudoun County, VA. Buried at Mount Hebron Cemetary, Winchester, VA.

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