Mary Davis

Born: 07-14-1777
Died: 01-01-1839

Father: William Davis    
Mother: Margaret Bowen    

Spouse1: David Timberlake I 01-01-1771 to 01-01-1851        Married: 12-03-1795

Child1: Nancy Timberlake 09-13-1796    
Child2: William Davis Timberlake 02-07-1798    
Child3: Sarah Timberlake 11-05-1799    
Child4: Richard Harfield Timberlake I 12-13-1801 to 03-20-1867    
Child5: David Timberlake II 05-14-1803 to 02-09-1869    
Child6: Margaret Timberlake 04-23-1805    
Child7: Eliza Timberlake 12-17-1807    
Child8: George Washington Timberlake 05-23-1809 to 02-14-1885    
Child9: James W. Timberlake 05-10-1811    
Child10: Stephen Davis Timberlake I 04-08-1813    

Mary's brother built Sherwood, in Warren County, near the Shenandoah River. George Washington did his first engineering work in surveying immense tracts of land, by the Royal Grant of the King of England, the property of Lord Thomas Fairfax. One of the places whose bounds were established by Washington was that of Sherwood, owned by Colonel William Davis, who disposed of it to Richard Harfield Timberlake. John Samuel Timberlake in his letter of 4/2/1890 said she was a niece of President Jeff Davis and a daughter of the President's father's brother.

Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: John Samuel Timberlake 02-16-1833 to 06-24-1901

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