Thomas William Timberlake

Born: 01-01-1840 in Sherwood
Died: 01-01-1914 in Sherwood

Father: Richard Harfield Timberlake I     12-13-1801 to 03-20-1867
Mother: Amelia Harris Andrews     10-18-1800 to 07-23-1844

Spouse1: Frances James Griggs     07-15-1841 to 09-14-1915

Buried at family home in Sherwood, Clarke County, VA. He inherited Sherwood. His diary is in the Front Royal, Virginia museum. He had a medical degree from U.Va. He belonged to the Botts Grays Company G, 2nd Virginia Infantry. And the Calvary of the 12th Brigade, Company B. And the Stonewall Brigade. He adopted his brother John Samuel's daughter, Leila Castlen Timberlake. Served as ruling elder at Ninevah Presbyterian Church near Front Royal, VA from 1877 to 1914. He is written up in the book "Four Valiant Years".

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