Carrie Virginia Castlen

Born: 04-01-1840 in LaFayette Hill, Thomaston, GA
Died: 12-29-1918 in Front Royal

Spouse1: John Samuel Timberlake     02-16-1833 to 06-24-1901    Married: 05-01-1860  

Child1: Georgia Virginia Timberlake     02-15-1861 to 06-08-1909
Child2: Irene Bradford Timberlake     04-03-1865 to 02-04-1876
Child3: Richard Castlen Timberlake     04-01-1867 to 08-08-1867
Child4: Leila Castlen Timberlake     08-09-1868 to 01-01-1942
Child5: Thomas Andrews Timberlake     03-14-1871 to 05-05-1933
Child6: Richard Harfield Timberlake II     10-29-1873 to 02-14-1952
Child7: Caroline Castlen Timberlake     02-19-1876 to 03-25-1876
Child8: Eliza Goodwin Timberlake     06-15-1877 to 03-10-1958
Child9: Cassius Castlen Timberlake     03-19-1880 to 05-11-1909

Buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal. Member of Christ Episcopal Church in Macon, GA. Met her husband while vacationing at White Sulphur Springs.

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