John Samuel Timberlake

Born: 02-16-1833 in Sherwood
Died: 06-24-1901 in Front Royal, VA

Father: Richard Harfield Timberlake I     12-13-1801 to 03-20-1867
Mother: Amelia Harris Andrews     10-18-1800 to 07-23-1844

Spouse1: Carrie Virginia Castlen     04-01-1840 to 12-29-1918    Married: 05-01-1860  

Child1: Georgia Virginia Timberlake     02-15-1861 to 06-08-1909
Child2: Irene Bradford Timberlake     04-03-1865 to 02-04-1876
Child3: Richard Castlen Timberlake     04-01-1867 to 08-08-1867
Child4: Leila Castlen Timberlake     08-09-1868 to 01-01-1942
Child5: Thomas Andrews Timberlake     03-14-1871 to 05-05-1933
Child6: Richard Harfield Timberlake II     10-29-1873 to 02-14-1952
Child7: Caroline Castlen Timberlake     02-19-1876 to 03-25-1876
Child8: Eliza Goodwin Timberlake     06-15-1877 to 03-10-1958
Child9: Cassius Castlen Timberlake     03-19-1880 to 05-11-1909

Buried in Front Royal Cemetery, Prospect Hill. Inherited Milldale Farm and Sawmill Farm from his father; the tract included two mills and the town of Milldale. Educated at VMI. Fought in the War Between the States. Captured at St. Marks, FL, where Confederate Army was manufacturing gunpowder. Imprisoned on Dry Tortugas. Joined the Ninevah Presbyterian Church in Front Royal, VA on 12/30/1894. Another source shows date of death as 6/21/1903.

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