Stewart Douglas Racey

Born: 04-15-1966 in Harrisonburg, VA
Died: 11-03-2003

Father: Jan Stewart Racey 01-02-1945    
Mother: Dorothy Anne Timberlake 01-24-1945    

Spouse1: Sharon Michele Neis 11-12-1968 to 11-03-2003        Married: 05-26-1990  Denver, CO

Child1: Timothy Stewart Racey 06-17-1992 to 11-03-2003    
Child2: Todd Patrick Racey 08-28-1995 to 11-03-2003    

Occupation: Scientist; Stu works for GeoDigital Mapping in Front Royal. He graduated from the University of Colorado.

Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: Karen Sue Racey 07-04-1970

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