Henry Timberlake

Born: 01-10-1761
Died: 10-03-1829 in Pleasant Green

Father: Richard Timberlake     08-27-1730 to 10-02-1794
Mother: Lady Frances Harfield     01-01-1729 to 11-02-1804

Spouse1: Elizabeth Robinson Wilson     to 07-09-1836    Married: 04-29-1793  

Child1: William Wilson Timberlake     03-25-1794 to 11-06-1825
Child2: Harfield Timberlake     02-09-1796 to 01-01-1877
Child3: Henry Timberlake     03-11-1798 to 07-19-1865
Child4: Hariott Timberlake     06-11-1800 to 01-12-1877
Child5: Eliza R. Timberlake     07-24-1802
Child6: Sarah Ann Timberlake     11-16-1804 to 05-10-1879
Child7: Mary B. Timberlake     03-02-1807 to 10-01-1839
Child8: Leroy C. Timberlake I     06-28-1809 to 12-19-1881
Child9: Susan Hinds Timberlake     05-12-1812 to 11-25-1880
Child10: Thomas Logan Douglas Timberlake     07-14-1814 to 06-28-1850
Child11: Frances A. Timberlake     10-19-1816

Henry joined the 1st Virginia Regiment in 1777, served as Cpl. and Sgt., and served as bodyguard to LaFayette while on his last visit to America. They were warm friends and embraced when they met. He is buried in the family graveyard at Pleasant Green. His family Bible is in the Virginia State Library in Richmond, State Archives #26703.

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