Richard Timberlake

Born: 08-27-1730
Died: 10-02-1794

Spouse1: Lady Frances Harfield 01-01-1729 to 11-02-1804        Married: 01-01-1753  London, England

Child1: William W Timberlake to 11-16-1826    
Child2: Sally Timberlake to 01-26-1806    
Child3: Ann Timberlake to 01-30-1793    
Child4: Richard Timberlake 08-01-1756 to 01-01-1828    
Child5: Benjamin Timberlake 06-08-1759 to 03-14-1815    
Child6: Henry Timberlake 01-10-1761 to 10-03-1829    
Child7: John Timberlake 03-06-1763    
Child8: Harfield Timberlake 09-13-1770 to 01-01-1829    
Child9: David Timberlake I 01-01-1771 to 01-01-1851    

Four of Richard's sons were in the Battle of York Town and present when Cornwallis surrendered on 9/19/1781. Their father, whose home was 10 or 15 miles distant, could hear the roar of the battle distinctly, as he sat in his front door, and at each volley, he would call out ... Another source shows his dob to be 08-19-1726 per Christchurch Middlesex records.

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