Lady Frances Harfield

Born: 01-01-1729
Died: 11-02-1804

Spouse1: Richard Timberlake 08-27-1730 to 10-02-1794        Married: 01-01-1753  London, England

Child1: William W Timberlake to 11-16-1826    
Child2: Sally Timberlake to 01-26-1806    
Child3: Ann Timberlake to 01-30-1793    
Child4: Richard Timberlake 08-01-1756 to 01-01-1828    
Child5: Benjamin Timberlake 06-08-1759 to 03-14-1815    
Child6: Henry Timberlake 01-10-1761 to 10-03-1829    
Child7: John Timberlake 03-06-1763    
Child8: Harfield Timberlake 09-13-1770 to 01-01-1829    
Child9: David Timberlake I 01-01-1771 to 01-01-1851    

Lady Harfield was the maid of honor to Queen Catherine, wife of King George, of England. A letter from John Samuel Timberlake in 4/2/1890 says that she was a lady of the Court of Queen Ann, and that illustrious Queen sent her together with the three brothers to America in a chartered vessel. Another source shows her dob to be 09-26-1727.

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