James Armistead Shirley Jr.

Born: 08-12-1927 in Greenwood, VA
Died: 07-24-1982

Father: James Armistead Shirley 01-01-1886 to 01-01-1951    
Mother: Katherine Fitzgerald Gray 02-03-1901    

Spouse1: Willeen Fauley 04-24-1930 to 05-09-2015        Married: 09-07-1957

Child1: James Armistead Shirley III 01-06-1959    
Child2: Margaret Graham Shirley 04-24-1961    
Child3: Nancy Brooks Shirley 05-03-1963    

Nickname Army.

Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: Margaret Graham Shirley 04-24-1961

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