Stephen Davis Timberlake IV

Born: 01-01-1909 in Staunton, VA
Died: 06-18-1995 in Harrisonburg, VA

Father: Stephen Davis Timberlake III    
Mother: Anna Laurie Faw     03-26-1878

Spouse1: Margaret Mish     to 01-01-1980

Child1: Jane Timberlake    
Child2: Joel S. Timberlake    
Child3: John M. Timberlake    
Child4: Stephen Davis Timberlake V    

Graduated from Augusta Military Academy and the University of North Carolina and the School of Law at the University of Virginia. He was a member of the Virginia Bar. Managed farms in Highland County and co-owned a general store. He was the Jeffersonian Democrat candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1948, and for lieutenant governor of Virginia in 1953. He was President of Community Savings and Loan, starting there in 1954 and leaving in 1974.

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