David Frederick Timberlake

Born: 04-28-1920 in Whitehouse, NJ
Died: 12-01-2000 in Lakeland, FL

Father: David Washington Timberlake Jr. 09-09-1900 to 10-04-1981    
Mother: Florence Louise Lutes    

Spouse1: Katherine Marcella Tennent 05-11-1924    
Spouse2: Dorothy Burdett Nelson        Married: 02-08-1944  Denver, CO

Child1: Ricky Lee Timberlake 10-08-1947 to 10-08-1947    
Child2: Kenneth Lynn Timberlake 02-22-1949    
Child3: Frederick Lee Timberlake 02-05-1951    
Child4: Tamara Anne Timberlake 05-08-1955    

Was a Lt. in World War II. He retired in 1983 after many years working for Montgomery Ward. Nicknamed Buster by Virginia relatives, Bud by New Jersey and Florida relatives. Was a Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. He loved Hawaii.

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