Clare Hayes Timberlake

Born: 01-01-1907 in Jackson, MI
Died: 01-01-1982 in Bethesda, MD

Father: Wilbur Bateman Timberlake to 01-01-1953    
Mother: Dorothy Silsbee to 01-01-1954    

Spouse1: Julia Lazise Meehan 01-01-1922 to 01-01-2012    

Child1: Charles Bateman Timberlake 01-01-1946    
Child2: William Lansdale Timberlake 01-01-1948    
Child3: Frances Mildred Timberlake 01-01-1950 to 01-01-2006    
Child4: Katharine Dorothy Timberlake 01-01-1955    
Child5: Mary Anne Timberlake 01-01-1959    

Occupation: US Ambassador; Washington's first Ambassador to Zaire during its violent transition from being a Belgian colony. Lived in Fort Sumner, MD. Graduated from University of Michigan, 1927, and did postgraduate work at Harvard before joining the Foreign Service in 1930. His 40 year career saw Toronto, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Zurich, Vigo, Spain, Aden, Bombay, New Delhi, Hamburg, Lima, Bonn and DC. He spoke Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portugese and Spanish.

Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: Charles Bateman Timberlake 01-01-1946

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