Lloyd Flintom Timberlake

Born: 07-24-1917

Father: Joe Elmore Timberlake 05-19-1885 to 01-08-1956    
Mother: Estelle Hughes Flintom 10-29-1886 to 11-07-1956    

Spouse1: Jean Pentecost 07-24-1917    

Child1: Lloyd Flintom Timberlake Jr 09-01-1945    
Child2: Anne Pentecost Timberlake 06-28-1948    
Child3: Mark Timberlake 11-26-1949    
Child4: Susan Blair Timberlake 06-17-1954    


Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: Kelly Melissa Wright 01-09-1984

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