Turner Grafton Timberlake

Born: 12-16-1917 in Baltimore, MD
Died: 09-29-2001 in Augusta, GA

Father: Henry Turner Timberlake 05-16-1892 to 06-01-1968    
Mother: Hanah (Hattie) E. Grafton    

Spouse1: Helen May Bryan 07-20-1920 to 02-13-2009        Married: 02-23-1943

Child1: Christine Marie Timberlake 07-01-1947    
Child2: Diana Lynn Timberlake 06-15-1950    

Involved in 4H work. Graduated Univ. of Maryland in engineering. Built the Alaska Highway. One of 7 white officers assigned to the 93rd Engineer Regiment, which had 1200 African Americans. Returned as a CPT to the Aleutians from 1943-1944 to build air fields.

Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: Christine Marie Timberlake 07-01-1947

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