Sue Austin McChesney

Born: 07-22-1923 in Fishersville, VA
Died: 09-12-2009 in Roanoke, VA

Father: John McBride McChesney Sr 06-08-1877 to 11-18-1965    
Mother: Mary Margaret Timberlake 05-12-1880 to 03-21-1957    

Spouse1: Howard Ernest Smith 11-02-1923        Married: 09-26-1953

Child1: Douglas McChesney Smith 11-25-1954    
Child2: Evelyn Sue Smith 07-21-1960    

Sue works with the Virginia State Association for Retarded Citizens. She was elected to the Town Council of Hillsville in 1982. She serves as Vice President of the Retired Teachers of Carroll County. She was born in the old homestead in Fishersville. Sue is in possession of both the David Timberlake, II family Bible, and the Susan Hinds Timberlake family Bible, from which many of the dates were derived.

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