Elizabeth Timberlake

Born: 08-04-1917
Died: 03-14-1978

Father: Richard Harfield Timberlake II     10-29-1873 to 02-14-1952
Mother: Florence Moody Bush     05-09-1890 to 10-24-1964

Spouse1: Joel Robert Evans     12-07-1915 to 05-10-1978    Married: 04-15-1940  

Child1: Carolyn Ann Evans     07-16-1942 to 12-28-1963

Name was originally Florence Elizabeth, but she dropped her first name. Educated at Madison College, Harrisonburg, VA. After WWII, she moved with her husband to Laclede, MO, then to Brookfield, MO. Buried in Brookfield Memorial Gardens.

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