James Joseph Timberlake

Born: 06-23-1833 in Hart Co., KY
Died: 09-07-1910 in Hart Co., KY

Father: Joseph Timberlake     01-01-1788 to 01-01-1860
Mother: Hannah Dye     01-01-1798 to 01-01-1879

Spouse1: Louisa Catherine Vass     06-21-1843 to 07-07-1933    Married:

Child1: Anna Belle Timberlake    
Child2: Hannah Eliza Timberlake    
Child3: Robert Martin Timberlake    
Child4: Rosy E. Timberlake    
Child5: Wesley Douglas Timberlake    
Child6: William Sherman Timberlake     12-07-1861 to 02-25-1949
Child7: Mary Virginia Timberlake     01-01-1865 to 01-01-1940

Buried in Timberlake Cemetary.

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