David Highland McChesney

Born: 07-02-1918

Father: John McBride McChesney Sr     06-08-1877 to 11-18-1965
Mother: Mary Margaret Timberlake     05-12-1880 to 03-21-1957

Spouse1: Priscilla Virginia James     01-22-1931

Child1: Mary Sue McChesney     05-02-1949
Child2: David Highland McChesney II     09-25-1951
Child3: Richard Wayne McChesney     02-23-1954
Child4: James Mason McChesney     07-24-1957
Child5: Martha Ann McChesney     10-08-1959
Child6: Lee Page McChesney     02-04-1965

David served in the Marines in Bougainville, Guadaulcanal. David was the third generation to own the homestead in Fishersville, where his daughter, Martha Ann, now lives.

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