Mary Lynch Johnson

Born: 06-22-1757 in Virginia
Died: 12-25-1835

Spouse1: John Timberlake     02-01-1761 to 03-14-1827    Married: 03-07-1782  

Child1: Elizabeth Timberlake     02-09-1783 to 10-03-1845
Child2: Mary Timberlake     08-26-1784 to 01-05-1809
Child3: Richard Timberlake     10-06-1786 to 01-01-1860
Child4: Agnes Timberlake     09-16-1788 to 10-11-1844
Child5: Christopher Timberlake     09-06-1790
Child6: John Timberlake     09-15-1792
Child7: Mourning Timberlake     10-08-1794
Child8: Sally or Sarah Timberlake     08-26-1797
Child9: Judith Timberlake     10-05-1802 to 03-08-1862

Daughter of Christopher and Elizabeth Johnson. Her father (or grandfather) gave the land on which Lynchburg now stands. He was Justice and Constable at the same time. The expression "Lynch Law" came from that.

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