John Timberlake

Born: 02-01-1761 in Campbell County, VA
Died: 03-14-1827

Father: Richard Timberlake     01-01-1740
Mother: Sarah Dougherty     01-01-1742

Spouse1: Mary Lynch Johnson     06-22-1757 to 12-25-1835    Married: 03-07-1782  

Child1: Elizabeth Timberlake     02-09-1783 to 10-03-1845
Child2: Mary Timberlake     08-26-1784 to 01-05-1809
Child3: Richard Timberlake     10-06-1786 to 01-01-1860
Child4: Agnes Timberlake     09-16-1788 to 10-11-1844
Child5: Christopher Timberlake     09-06-1790
Child6: John Timberlake     09-15-1792
Child7: Mourning Timberlake     10-08-1794
Child8: Sally or Sarah Timberlake     08-26-1797
Child9: Judith Timberlake     10-05-1802 to 03-08-1862

Some time after the Revolution, John and his son Christopher took their slaves and moved to Ohio, and there freed the slaves. In Ohio, John became a Quaker.

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