Joseph Timberlake

Born: 01-01-1752 in Albemarle Co., VA
Died: 01-01-1841 in Hammonsville Sec, Hart Co., KY

Father: Philip Timberlake Sr     01-01-1719 to 01-01-1789

Spouse1: Annie Douglas     to 01-01-1815    Married: 12-11-1784  Albemarle Co., VA

Child1: Charlie Timberlake    
Child2: Douglas Timberlake    
Child3: Mourning Timberlake    
Child4: Phillip Timberlake    
Child5: Joseph Timberlake     01-01-1788 to 01-01-1860
Child6: John Timberlake     01-01-1790
Child7: Annie Timberlake     01-01-1794
Child8: Mary Timberlake     01-01-1801
Child9: Robert Douglas Timberlake     12-18-1807 to 04-04-1893

Occupation: Farmer; Was in the "Commander in Chief's Guard", as per "The Joseph Timberlake Family" by William R. King, 1971. Parents came from England to the Colonies in the early 1700's. He enlisted on 2/28/1776 and served until the Treaty of Peace was signed in 1783. Joseph and Annie were from Albemarle County, VA and went to Cumberland County, KY ~1795. Buried in Bacon Creek Church Cemetary, Hart Co., KY.

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